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Larrasoaña (Basque Larrasoaina ) , is a point of the Camino in the Basque-speaking part of the Autonomous Community of Navarre . He is one of the larger resorts in the surrounding Esteribar - Tale . The place was self-employed until 1928 , before becoming part of the community Esteribar .

Larrasoaña has long been important for the pilgrims , in old documents it is found as Ressogna or Risogna .
In the 11th century it is already an Augustinian monastery here have given , in which they took care of the welfare of the pilgrims. Also, in Jakob book the place is mentioned.
Domenico Laffi , Italian priest and pilgrims of the 17th century , writes about Larrasoaña : "It is a wonderfully rich and populous place".
Even in the 18th century there was with the Blasius and the Jakob Brotherhood two associations who had the care of the pilgrims prescribed . Your track can be found north and south of the village into two each dedicated to Holy hermitages .

1174 Larrasoaña received the privileged with special rights statute francs settlement. The shape of many francs settlements and market towns on the Camino also corresponds to the cityscape : The houses are lined up right and left of the main road, which was the pilgrimage earlier.
From the local architecture project called bandits Bridge, one of the 14th century by muggers cleverly designed Gothic bridge , and the parish church of San Nicolás de Bari in the 13th century out . The church is built out a broad approach , which should offer the pilgrims shelter from bad weather and sleeping accommodation.
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