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The cemetery of the Jewish community in Worms that was situated immediately adjacent to the southwest of the city wall and established at the latest in the early 11th century – although plundered and destroyed on many occasions – served continuously until the creation of the new Jewish cemetery in 1911 as a ‘House of Eternity' and a ‘House of Life'. Of the 1,300 gravestones on the original site, around 600 are from the Middle Ages, with the oldest dating from 1058-59. On the adjacent site to the west are 1,200 more gravestones dating from the 18th century to the early 20th century. The systematic surveying and exploration of the site of the cemetery in Worms and its gravestones, which was resumed several years ago, has unearthed some significant new findings, including details about the community's buildings. Indeed, to this day the cemetery in Worms is visited by Jews from all over the world because of the prominent Jews buried there.
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