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The foundation of the Monastery of Monte Irago in Rabanal del Camino has made it one of the Christian centres of hospitality and welcome which is characteristic of the Camino de Santiago.
The village is situated at the foot of Monte Irago and offers a strategic high point to pilgrims. There are four refuges as well as numerous hotels and shops which offer variety and hospitality. Many ensure that stopping in Rabanal is part of their pilgrimage.

Much of its attraction is because of the monastic pastoral activities with pilgrims. The Catholic Church is here; present to help those who wish to walk the Way to discover Christ as the ultimate goal of their human journey.

Monks and pilgrims know both on the Way; if not to a location, to an encounter with Him who is always waiting for us. St. Anselm suggests: Oh man, full of misery. Leave your daily preoccupations for a moment; remove yourself for an instant, far from the tumult of your thoughts. Push away all worries which drown you and your drudgery. Seek God for a moment, rest for an instant in His Presence.
Enter into the sanctuary of your soul. Cut yourself off from all things, except from God and that which will help you to praise Him. Seek him in the silence of your solitude.
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