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The Convent of Santa Maria de Belvís is a historic building originally built in the 14th century in Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. It is located outside the walls, about 300 meters east-southeast of the Porta de Mazarelos. Currently it remains a cloistered convent of barefoot Dominicans.

The convent was founded at the beginning of century XIV by the brothers of Bonaval (or by Teresa González, according to other sources), was the first convent of Dominican nuns of Galicia.
At the beginning of the eighteenth century it was rebuilt in the Baroque style by the Mexican Dominican Antonio de Monroy, archbishop of Compostela between 1685 and 1715, who delivered the works of the convent building to Friar Gabriel de Casas. On the facade, of extreme sobriety, stand out the arms of Monroy. The church was erected between 1727 and 1739 and is authored by Fernando de Casas Novoa, also responsible for the Obradoiro facade of the Cathedral of Santiago. Of plant in Latin cross and walls in silhar of granite, with a vault of cannon and a dome. The tower joins the church with the chapel of the Virgin of the Portal, dated 1702, forming a right angle. The set is remarkable for its simplicity and sobriety, motivated by the lack of resources. What stands out most in the convent is façade of the commungatory, where Fernando Casas used its characteristic geometric-vegetal decoration. Inside, the altarpiece and the chapel (1694), works by Domingo de Andrade, and Alonso Gosende's camarín (small chapel behind the altar), dating from 1703, are worthy of note.
In the church venerates the image of the Virgin of the Portal, whose discovery in 1313 originated the construction of the convent. According to legend, the image would have "fled" from its chapel and appeared in the small niche of the portal where it had originally been placed.
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