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Loos is a commune in the Nord department in northern France.A square tower built as a projecting part of the town hall façade, this belfry was the first in a long series of works designed by Louis-Marie Cordonnier, a local architect of international renown.

During his rich career, he created a style that is instantly recognisable, combining traditional regional architecture with a revisited form of Flemish workmanship. Loos belfry is the epitome of this.

A rare occurrence, a Virginia creeper spreads over the first two floors, forming a pleasant contrast with the whole neo-Flemish style. When the first stone was laid, in 1883, a glass tube was sealed in it, containing the report of the event.

It is said that the clock with which the belfry is equipped was for a long time rather unorthodox in its time-keeping. That does not prevent Saint Nicolas from being on time every year with his donkey and, while he hands out his goodies, the Mayor tears up the list of naughty children from his balcony.

When I visited Loos the Belfort was wrapped due to restoration
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