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Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and the Ancient Beech Forests of Germany is a transnational composite nature site. Ancient Beech Forests of Germany include five locations in various parts of Germany. The Kellerwald lies in northern Hesse in the district Schwalm-Eder. Abutting the e northeast, the Kellerwald's heights slope down into the Eder Valley, and towards the east and southeast they fall off into the Schwalm Valley. In the southwest, the range goes by way of the Wohra Valley into the Burgwald range and in the west, beyond the river Eder, lies the Breite Struth (a range of hills). Within the Kellerwald are the Ederhöhen (the "Eder Heights", a mountainous region in the range's north), whose area roughly coincides with the aforesaid national park, the Wildunger Bergland ("Wildungen Highlands"), which makes up the middle part of the Kellerwald, and the Keller (also known as the Hoher Keller or the Hoher Kellerwald, a mountain ridge in the south of the Kellerwald) made up of, from southwest to northeast, Jeust (585 m above sea level), Wüstegarten (675 m), Hunsrück (636 m) and Sauklippe (584 m).
Kellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald ForestKellerwald Forest

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