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Greatphotos.eu would like to show the Unesco World Heritage Sites through great photos.

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Greatphotos.eu would like to show you the Unesco World Heritage sites in great photos.

You will find photos of 32 countries and over nearly 300 different World Heritage Sites, spread over more then 500 locations. Number of visitors > 1.000.000!

The photos are sorted alphabetically per country using the name of the World Heritage Sites as used by Unesco.
For extensive sites there are extra groups with more specific details of the World Heritage Site.

My photos have been used in books (including front/back covers), magazines (including front/back covers), websites, newspapers and are also sold through several stock agencies. 

The first aim is to show these World Heritage Sites.
The second aim is to do this with great photos. Hence occasionally I have chosen to add a photo which isn't really great!
The third aim is to give you the opportunity to buy these photos. Purchasing is possible through download or in hard copy.

Text at photo captions origin most from wikipedia or the unesco website.

Enjoy my website and please feel free to leave a message in my guestbook!

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In de Jacobsstaf zag ik de prachtige foto "2014 7 Puente la Reina 0584".
Hartelijk dank! Ook voor de andere mooie foto's en de overzichtelijke website.
Joop Seebus(non-registered)
Mooie website met een heleboel mooie fotos. Well done en keep up the good work.
Pauline, Marcel, Raphaël et Lucia(non-registered)
Merci pour les belles photos que nous venons de regarder sur ton site. Nous te souhaitons un bon chemin de vie !
Dag Maarten, wat een mooie foto's! Door je site gaan, voelt als op reis zijn :-)
Piet Oudhof(non-registered)
Hoi Maarten. Wist niet dat je foto's maakte. Iemand wees mij er op. Prachtige foto's.
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